Search Google in an instant

How big is an instant?

Search has just become quicker with Google’s Instant. Google Instant is rolling out over several days to users signed in to a Google Account.

Matt Cutts in a  recent announcement said, “We explore ways to crawl the web deeper, faster, and better, from increasing our index size or indexing speed to crawling web forms to discovering links in javascript…We try to return your search results really fast.”

How will this affect the way we search?

The search behaviour of users will have to adapt to the results. Each users experience islikely to be differnet depending on their typing skills. For instance, let’s say a two finger typist who does not have their eyes fixed on the screen is likely to not notice this change. Since this user is likely to hit the enter key before looking at the results and search results are returned very quickly.

However, a touch typist who has their eyes fixed on the screen and likely to change the way they search. As the search results are displayed, the user is likely to refine their key phrases in order to improve the search results.

Does it change SEO strategies?

Google claims the results are the same regardless, but if the user decides to change their search query as the results are being displayed then sites need to focus their SEO on more specific search terms. Long tail keyphrases will become more relevant such as FLR solutions who are Melbourne finance brokers.

Is it as effective?

The web continues to evolve, so this is another step forward in development.


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