Where Quality Matters

Our client, In2 Glass WhiteBoards, required a website for a start-up business for the supply of high quality glass whiteboards.

The product looks classy and can be installed as a fashionable piece of office furniture.

Quality and safety are it’s main features, i.e. the glass is manufactured with low ion levels.
This ensures the clarity and strength.
The use of chalk pens on the glass surface gives it a unique smooth feel, making it easier than writing implements on other devices such as whiteboards and chalkboards.
A new logo with branding was created for the client and use in the site. The homepage was built to promote and show off the latest products and products in use. A creative layout was designed to reflect the products features and it’s use by office managers and business owners.
An on-line store for selling product is connected to an electronic payment gateway to help streamline business management processes.
Google Adwords and merchant display campaigns are run to direct potential customers to the website using pricing strategies and specific product ranges.



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