Alternatives to Content Management Systems

contribute-processThere are many content management systems (CMS) in the cloud which offer businesses the ability to update their web sites on-line. However, many of these fall short due to the limits of the existing web technology.

This is the reason why some of our clients are using desktop based applications such as Adobe Contribute. Contribute requires little experience with HTML, the language of websites. It is easier and more efficient to use than on-line management tools, although we expect the internet speed to improve cloud technologies. The process is also very simple as you can seen in the diagram.

The software allows web developers to build sites without the usual issues and restrictions of on-line content management systems by separating the structure from content is important to maintaining a consistent design.

These are all important factors when our client,  Abrasive Blasting Service and Supplies, decided on this web tool for their site. ABSS offer quality products and service at very competitive prices. A one stop source for abrasive blasting equipment such as shot blast machines, media, parts, and service. Expertise covers a wide range of products, while remaining focused in the areas they know best. Customer base includes the hobbyist to the major facilities, spans the world, and is growing daily.

The contribute software is available on both PC and Mac platforms. It’s greatest feature is WYSIWYG, what you see is what you get, most on-line CMS do not provide users with a good experience in this area. There are many other useful features in this software, which you can learn about by talking to BMD Web Site Developers.


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