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joomlaOne day in the near future, your car maintenance will be as important as your website!

I know this sounds a little facetious, but there are changes on the web that will affect the items that we use everyday. The web is becoming an interconnected system of devices. Your home will talk to your car which in turn will talk to you.
This means protecting your car will be as important as securing your home or business.

wordpressWhy is your website any different?
It is the one means for you to be connected, therefore it needs protection.

Many of our clients use content management systems which require regular updates. Ultimately these systems will reach an end-of-life-cycle. Client sites that we maintain under contract are kept up-to-date with the releases that support the installed version. However, the development of such security patches eventually come to an end when the technology surpasses the capability of the original system. In this regard your motor vehicle is very much like your website.

The new versions provide significant advantages such as:

  • Better security – reduce the risk of being hacked.
  • Extensions support – installed plugins lose support over time.
  • Productivity gains, improved management – one-click installers and upgrades, unlimited levels of heirarchy and improved reliability.
  • Enhanced search engine optimisation – faster, built-in natural language search engines.
  • Extraordinary features – improved performance and built-in captcha support.
  • Long term support.
  • Technology support – the CMS will fail to operate as a result of changes to the support technology such as PHP and mySQL.

We strongly recommend upgrading your content management system to the latest version to ensure the functionality and security of your web site.


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