Is your website a good User Experience on Smart Devices?

We posed a similar question two years ago about mobile access on web sites when the Android phone was first released. Since then we have seen a plethora of smart devices including the iPad, mini and tablets.

What kind of experience does your visitor have on your web site?
Does the site automatically adjust for the screen size or orientation?
Is the content too small and does it fit?
Is the web site easy to navigate with a touch interface?

The best way to answer these questions is to test your site on different devices.

We are now building websites to operate correctly on all smart devices. We call this responsive design.

We built the Turnbull Toyota site using advanced web design with built-in flexibility for multiple devices such as iPad and a mobile specific layout.
Check it out on your phone!

At a recent agency event, Google referred to this as the New Multi-screen World, which means that as marketers we need to understand our customers are not only using one device but many. Sometimes our customers switch between computer to smartphone to tablet within a short time-frame.

Within a 24 hour period, it is our customers behaviour that changes when using the different devices.
Here are some interesting stats for users average online time spread between 4 primary media devices;



The top activities shared between devices include browsing the internet and buying online, with tablets being the most often used device to start shopping or planning a trip.

The infographic below helps explain the activity being performed and how customers jump from one screen to another.




How do you know who is visiting your web site and which device are they using?
You can begin with your web traffic report. These will provide you with an insight to your visitors.

Talk to BMD for more information about this technology and web marketing.


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