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first impression web site design

Immersive design to recreate great impressions

Tweet I was totally revved up when ODC Design asked me to attend a photo shoot of one their clients office fitouts. I’m a self-confessed F1 fan and this was in fact the Australian Grand Prix office. I visited the Grand Prix office in Adelaide many years ago, but there was no comparison to the first impression I received when walking… Read more →


Top 10 Email Marketing Tips

Tweet The most frequent problems related to sending email newsletters are related to IP reputation and mail server blacklisting issues. The following top 10 tips can improve the quality of your email and get it into client in-boxes : Create and protect quality IP and domain sending reputations. If the email is considered spam and rejected or delivered to the… Read more →


Google released a big update to their ranking algorithm during last week.

Tweet This update affects approximately 12% of all queries and the search result pages can change dramatically. Who will be affected by this? Google has not officially confirmed this, but the algorithm change attempts to remove “content-farms” from the search results. Content farms are sites that require minimal time and money to generate large amounts of content that is produced… Read more →


Search Google in an instant

Tweet How big is an instant? Search has just become quicker with Google’s Instant. Google Instant is rolling out over several days to users signed in to a Google Account. Matt Cutts in a  recent announcement said, “We explore ways to crawl the web deeper, faster, and better, from increasing our index size or indexing speed to crawling web forms… Read more →


Top ten tips for Twitter users

Tweet The key to success in Twitter lies as much in the peripheral data that builds up around the message as in the content itself. Here are the Top Ten Tips to successfully use Twitter. Regular Postings: Be a contributor that your followers get to really know. Retweet: If you see Tweets posted by other users that you think your followers would… Read more →